I started a podcast

Welcome to the reliable dentist in billings mt.

The DentalHacks Podcast” there are a great deal of laughs and we all don’t take ourselves too badly. Which some might think about a fault. I believe it’s ’s our main strength.
I think you’ll enjoy it.

It’s a burst. I’m enjoying the interviews and discussions with my friends and colleagues. I’m enjoying the fact I’m spreading thoughts. In reality, that’s exactly the identical reason I love to write a blog here and in meadfamilydental.com.
This ’s the spirit we’ve tried to bring to the podcast. The arrangement is half interview and half group discussion. We’re interviewing folks that my co-host (Jason Lipscomb) and that I find interesting on topics that we find fascinating. We call the group conversation “that the Brain Trust. ” It’s informal. Kind of like the discussion you’d have colleagues at dinner once you’re carrying some CE.

And that I ’ll attempt to start posting more , too.
There are a lot of similarities between both blogging and podcasting. The similarities are all about being a “content creator. ” So much of what dentists article about the canned “our blog” a part of the websites is written by people it is that handles their office’s social media. When I read those blog articles they usually don’t look authentic. I’d much rather read something somewhat less polished I can tell was written by the dentist who’s connected to that website.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite a while. For those who’ve listened, a podcast is a radio series that can be downloaded from the internet. They’re usually free downloads and also the best spot to find them will probably be the iTunes store.
I like podcasts since they’re frequently accomplished by regular people in their own spare time and this gives them a really nice authenticity. The typical podcaster is somebody who’s a enthusiast on a topic (believe Harry Potter, triathlons or Thai food. Or at least they used to be. A whole great deal of radio stations and professional entertainers have started to realize the ability of being able to syndicate your own show for next to nothing and also have begun to use the format too.
I used to think that composing a blog took a lot of time. And it will. Kind of. But podcasting takes much more time. Therefore the time I may have spent here was spent getting a podcast up and running.

Mead podcastingI would like ’t understand if I had “frequent ” readers of this Blogging Dentist. However, when I did, I probably made them believe that I’m not writing some more. I’ve dropped down on the job. I’ve printed inconsistently. I’ve been helpless. What could I say?

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