An alternative impression technique for capturing anatomic undercuts to rehabilitate a patient with a total maxillectomy: A clinical report

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Source: The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Patients that have undergone a maxillectomy are particularly tough using a traditional obturator prosthesis due to the extensive reduction of tissues for support and retention to rehabilitate prosthetically. In such circumstances, adapting to present undercuts within the defect is crucial. Traditional belief techniques capture certain landmarks but may fall short of these necessary sinus undercuts. This article describes an opinion method for capturing 3 undercuts that are different to assist keep, support, and stabilize a hollow 1-piece obturator prosthesis for a patient who underwent a complete maxillectomy.

Writer (s): Ruth Aponte-Wesson, Ali Amir Khadivi, Richard Cardoso, Mark S. Chambers

Publication date: Available online 12 April 2019