New Version of Dharma Ransomware Masquerades as ESTV Anti-Virus Attached to a Warning Email

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From the never ending battle against malware, there is a new variant in the Ransomware World Class.  

The malware itself Has Existed for a while, but What’s different this time round is how the payload has been delivered.  

Usually with Ransomeware there is Some Form of user activity required to get it all installed.   It is some Sort of  phishing email that tricks the user into opening a file which installs Dharma.   This time the perpetrators have attempted something more nefarious.   The user receives an email that Seems to be from a trusted source like Microsoft and cautions the user that their”computer is in danger”.   It creates some form of despair and gloom danger of you’ve been infected and the only way.
The email looks and reads really untrue and fools the recipient into downloading and double clicking the file.   What occurs next is that the anti virus (which is an older variant of a Genuine AV software) begins to install and in the same time the Dharma ransomware is also installing.   Since the user thinks the AV software is making beneficial changes to the computer they don’t think twice as windows closing & opening, etc.  Unfortunately whenever the process is finished, the user is confronted with a screen informing them of their Ransomware and also the way that they can pay to receive their data unencrypted.
This a true Example of great social technologies.   Supply a powerful threat that must be acted upon immediately and they Try to grab you off guard, and disguise their monitors together using the AV install.   The whole time the user is actually doing the poor men job for them.
The moral of the story is NEVER open a file you are not anticipating and always do research about these types of problems by searching Google or some other reputable search engine.   Vigilance is crucial to prevent these types of disasters! You can read their blog article about it .  

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