MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman Speaking on Teledentistry Opportunities in Private Practice During CDA Presents in Anaheim

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MouthWatch will exhibit in booth #2323.

Throughout the lecture, entitled”Teledentistry Opportunities in Private Practice” Herman will provide a concise background on teledentistry engineering and legislation, focusing on how the landscape has changed to produce exciting opportunities for private practices, ranging from solo practitioners to classes practices. The learning goals are as follows:

• Explore the teledentistry technology currently offered.
• Discuss a variety of private training opportunities incorporating teledentistry.
• Understand the way teledentistry can reinforce their current practice version.

The lecture is being held on Friday, May 17th, by 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM at the Spot Hall C, in the Anaheim Convention Center. According to Herman,”The technologies of teledentistry isn’t exclusive to
public health plans, DSOs and consumer-direct clear aligner businesses. It can be readily adopted and given by private dental practices looking for new methods to grow their companies.”
During his lecture, Herman will review examples of his company’s all-in-one teledentistry stage, TeleDent™ 2.0 can be used successfully in various scenarios, such as:

• GP/Specialist Referrals & Clinical Collaboration
• DSO Access to Specialists Rotating at Different Locations
• Medical-Dental Collaboration
• Innovative Dental Hygiene Business Designs
• Public Health / Personal Practice Hybrids
• Pop-Up Dental Clinics

Teledentistry technology is now in reach of the typical dental clinic to improve the patient experienceand simplify workflow and provide easier communication amongst internal and external care group, all of which add to the ability to catch new industry opportunities that formerly did not exist.”

To find out more about MouthWatch, see, telephone 877-544-4342 or send the email to

Around MouthWatch, LLC: LLC
Headquartered in Metuchen, New Jersey, MouthWatch, LLC is a leader in leader in advanced teledentistry alternatives, electronic case demonstration tools and intraoral imaging devices. The company is devoted to discovering new methods to continuously improve the health experience for both patient and provider. Since 2012, this group has initiated the integration of communications technologies and imagery in the business of dentistry. Their cumulative expertise makes it possible for the company to take the lead in introducing the benefits of telemedicine.

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