Peri‐implant tissue management after immediate implant placement using a customized healing abutment

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Clinical Factors

This technique appears to be more effective to direct the delicate tissue recovery around dental implants enabling a natural emergence profile using implant‐supported restorations, reducing the amount of treatment measures.
The utilization of personalized recovery abutments prepares soft tissue to the prosthetic phase preserving its shapes and eliminating the need for reopening surgery.


Clinical Significance

The present cases describe a simplified chairside strategy to utilize customized healing abutments for prompt implants placed after tooth extraction in the anterior and posterior regions to be able to keep up the soft tissue contours while reducing the clinical steps until providing the last restorations.
The unavoidable extraction of teeth in the cosmetic place can be defeat via different treatment modalities. Lately, instant implants appeared as a minimally invasive way of resolving these cases; however, immediate implant loading is not necessarily possible or indicated. In such scenarios, an advanced approach through customized recovery abutments may be used to conserve the soft tissue contour, eliminating the demand for reopening operation and using provisional restorations to state that the mucosal contour.

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