Understanding Bruxism & TMJ Disorder: Find Relief from Nighttime Teeth Grinding

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If you think that you or somebody in your household is afflicted with all the ill effects of TMJ disease or bruxism, ask your physician about a habit oral appliance. Relief can be a phone call away!

In nearly all instances, a nighttime mouthguard is used to prevent damage to the teeth brought on by clenching and grinding. This habit oral machine fits easily in your mouth as you sleep, helping position the limbs properly so that the muscles aren’t unnecessarily strained. Patients who have been clenching their jaws for years are surprised to find they experience relief from their discomfort in as few as one or two nights with their brand new appliance.
178901519Do you frequently wake up in the morning to discover that your jaw is sore or your shoulders and neck feel stressed? Maybe you suffer from frequent headaches that tend to begin in the area surrounding your temples. Fortunately, treatment for all these orofacial issues is typically noninvasive, economical, and easily accessible at your physician’s office.
For all, the primary complaint related to TMJ disorder is headache pain that interferes with daily function. The delicate joints that connect your jaw to your cranium can become inflamed and irritated, causing nerve pain that may even spread to a upper back. This can result in posture issues that further exacerbate the issue. In circumstances of teeth grinding, the individual is normally unaware that their limbs are placing inordinate amounts of pressure in their teeth during the evening. Bruxism can lead to tooth cracks and enamel erosion, both of which can prove to be severe problems if not treated in a timely way.
There are an assortment of motives that people with TMD and bruxism engage in the unconscious behavior of teeth grinding and clenching. Malocclusion, or even an improper bite, is a major factor, as can be daily stress. While you’re sleeping, you aren’t able to halt the overworked muscles in the torso and face from overtaking themselves leading to numerous symptoms that could affect you .

What Makes Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding?

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