Infraposition of anterior maxillary implant‐supported single‐tooth restorations in adolescent and adult patients—A prospective follow‐up study up to 6 years

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The study included of 31 patients, 18 women and 13 men, together with 39 restorations and having a mean and median age of 23.8 and 18.8 years, array 17.8 to 52.8 decades, at the right time of implant crown connection. The median and mean time in role for those restorations was 4.5 and 4.3 years respectively with a range of 3.3 to 6.6 years.


The aim was to analyze the incidence of infraposition of single‐tooth implant restorations in the anterior maxilla in adolescent and adult patients.


In the current study, there has been a significant however low correlation between the detected perpendicular infraposition of the single‐tooth implant restoration along with the subject’s test of their esthetics of this recovery (VAS). Fifty‐one percent of those implant‐supported crowns, revealed no indications of vertical infraposition. Just one crown revealed a vertical infraposition of more than one mm.

Material and Techniques


From the maxillary incisor field infraposition of implant restorations may be a decorative issue.

Twenty restorations 51%, showed no indications of infraposition. Only in 1 individual, the detected infraposition of the implant crown was more than one mm. We found no significant difference of the observed level of vertical infraposition, Score A (0 mm) and Score B (<0.5 mm), in areas where the restoration was placed before age 20 years when compared with the older patients. There were no major differences in changes of this vertical infraposition when comparing different parameters such as age, sex, jaw connection (Angle‐classes I‐III), overbite/overjet, occlusal touch on the augmentation crown, bone augmentation before or in implant installation or when orthodontic treatment of these neighboring teeth had been made prior to or after the augmentation installation.

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