Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in population‐based studies: A systematic review of the methodological aspects

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Information about the following attributes of the included studies were gathered: sample size; era of participants; references utilized to specify the diagnostic criteria, training of the examiners, along with data collection; type, group and characteristics of the hens; along with lesions excluded and measures of agreement between examiners. Data were analyzed and information synthesis was conducted for each of the studies. An excellent evaluation of the research has been conducted, and the danger of bias was evaluated.


To conduct a systematic review of the literature to evaluate the methodological aspects of population‐based studies on the prevalence of oral mucosal lesions (OMLs).

Several important points have to be enhanced in population‐based studies focusing on the incidence of OMLs. In particular, these studies must adequately report findings and the response rate, and also to a lesser degree, the diagnostic criteria and instruction of the examiners. We encourage more research in this field and reinforce the value of standardized studies to ease the comparison of unique findings. PROSPERO registration amount: CRD42018099386.



A total of 29 research were included in this analysis. Most of the studies on the prevalence of OMLs were performed in Asian nations. Even the World Health Organization guidelines have been followed closely by the majority of the studies, concerning examiner training, design and data collection. Approximately 25% of those research didn’t ascertain inter‐examiner reliability. Moreover, almost half of those research included didn’t report the reaction rate nor did they exhibit the results with the confidence intervals that are suitable.

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