Psychometric properties of the Child Oral‐care Performance Assessment Scale

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There has been acceptable structural validity, construct validity and internal consistency at the versions tested for COPAS and COPAS‐Partial. COPAS has potential use in the analysis of the delivery of services to children.


Cronbach’s alpha COPAS was 0.95, and for COPAS‐Partial was 0.94. The convergent validity of global satisfaction with oral care and the subscales was = 0.29‐0.51, which using the entire scales was r = 0.59 for COPAS and r = 0.59 for COPAS‐Partial. Structural invariance was present (P‐value = 0.97).


Items for the tool had been developed and pilot tested. This survey was implemented in the Australian National Child Oral Health Study 2012‐2014, whose aims included the assessment of oral hygiene performance. This nationally representative sample of 23 538 respondents with complete data has been split into five classes: a primary validation group and four cross‐validation groups, with all blocked randomization. Two scales were constructed, full scale with 37 items (COPAS) and a partial scale with a subset of 31 items (COPAS‐Partial). Internal consistency was assessed with Cronbach’s alpha. Construct validity was evaluated using correlation coefficients, and structural validity was discovered from the primary investigation group and confirmed in the cross‐validation groups using structural equation models.


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