Social inequality in tooth loss, the mediating role of smoking and alcohol consumption

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The research relies on data from the Social Inequality at Cancer Cohort (SIC); a cohort assembled by seven pooled cohorts. The study population comprised of 34 975 participants. With the use of natural impacts models, we regarded smoking and alcohol consumption as intermediates; we researched the role of smoking and alcohol intake in mediating the impact of education on tooth reduction.
In total, 4924 participants had tooth loss defined as <15 teeth current. The results of the investigations, about the additive scale, showed 1202 (95 percent CI: 623‐1781) additional men with tooth reduction per 10 000 persons among low compared to highly educated guys. Among girls, the analyses revealed 1159 (95 percent CI: 959‐1359) further individuals with tooth loss each 10 000 persons. The results, on the comparative scale, revealed that 11 percent (95% CI: 8%‐15%) of the societal inequality in tooth loss was collectively evidenced by smoking and alcohol consumption among low‐educated men. Among women with poor schooling, the mediated proportion was 26 percent (95% CI: 19%‐36 percent ).



The study’s objective was to inquire into the mediated proportion of smoking and alcohol consumption from the association between schooling and tooth loss. Moreover, the goal was, to the additive scale, to further decompose the whole effect of education on tooth loss into the immediate impact of schooling, the natural indirect impact via smoking and alcohol intake (differential exposure) and also the conducive interaction between schooling, smoking and alcohol intake on tooth reduction (differential susceptibility).


Social inequality in tooth reduction appears to be partly explained by differential susceptibility and differential exposure to alcohol and smoking consumption.

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