Muscular TMD versus joint

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Frankly, since I just need to come back to a feeling of normalcy, it’s started to freak out a bit.
About 6 weeks ago, I awakened having a jaw ache. Didn’t think much of it. It is simply felt tight since then, although the ache went away. I went through a situation. If I clenched at night, I started to wonder, therefore I went to the dentist. The dentist said he didn’t have enough evidence. He left me a nightshade, and ever since then it’s gotten a bit better.

Has anybody experienced this or something similar? Advice?
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So I went to a TMJ specialist, I wanted another opinion. He explained clinically I do not show indications of TMD, however, I’m having symptoms. He shot an X-ray of my tendons and stated they look excellent, in addition to my own nostrils. So it must be muscular then. I appear to get this constant tightness/pressure in my left masseter area which could gobble up the side of the face.

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