School‐based fluoride varnish programs: a national survey

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Of 85 recognized apps, 52 responded (response rate = 61 per cent ) with 40 school‐based FV programs in operation in 27 nations. About 85% of responding apps apply FV within an existing school‐based program. Dental sealants on permanent teeth are definitely the most common procedure provided along with FV (92 percent). One‐third of programs apply FV once annually versus 28 percent which apply FV two times annually.
To identify and explain school‐based fluoride varnish (FV) apps in K‐12 grades children in the United States.
This cross‐sectional study used an internet, self‐administered survey to identify and describe school‐based FV programs in 2016. Several public health programs States and Territorial Dental Directors directory’s Organization, were contacted to determine FV programs. The study’s questionnaire comprised 23 closed‐ended questions concerning program description, assessment, and process.



Evidence‐based guidelines for FV in school‐based applications are needed to guarantee cost‐effectiveness and continuity.


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