Antiseptic sealant and a nanocoated implant‐abutment interface improve the results of dental implantation

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Ninety‐six people were clinically cheated. From the first group (Screw Ti + sealant), a distinctive antiseptic sealant matrix has been used; the exact identical sealant was used with nanocoated implants at the second category (Nanocoat + sealant), along with the traditional treatment protocol has been utilized in the management group (Screw Ti). Patients were assessed longitudinally with radiography, clinical assessments , periodontal pathogen discovery, and individual encounter studies throughout rehabilitation and therapy stages.


Clinical measures and enhancement design innovation to improve primary osseointegration and decrease the bacterial contamination of this peri‐implant area are intended to reduce the prevalence of late inflammatory complications in dental implantation.

Materials and techniques

To examine the effect of nanostructured coating and sealant that is antiseptic about the results of dental implantation.



With a matrix for sealing the dental implant‐abutment interface with a nanostructured surface provides reliable results regarding secure osseointegration and clinical and patient‐reported outcomes of treatment success.
For individuals that obtained a nanocoated augmentation and also an antiseptic sealant (Nanocoat + sealant), relatively much better sterile indices were detected; there was not any pollution with periodontal pathogens, bone density stayed in the necessary level, and the general outcomes of treatment were better.

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