Caregiver satisfaction with interim silver diamine fluoride applications for their children with caries prior to operating room treatment or sedation

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To determine health professional satisfaction with silver diamine fluoride (SDF) application(s) within a intermediate maintenance route to get their children with caries.
Caregivers overwhelmingly reported that they were satisfied with SDF treatment (81.3percent ), which the black mark was not an issue for their children (91.7%) or themselves (87.5percent ).


Caregivers were recruited in two community health centers when they arrived for a operating room/sedation appointment because of their children with caries who had formerly been treated with SDF. While they waited during their children’s dental therapy, they had been asked to complete a survey regarding their satisfaction with SDF treatment.
For patients for whom OR/sedation therapy wasn’t immediately available, SDF offers a intermediate care route by minding caries. Most caregivers were satisfied with SDF treatment.



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