Strength and translucency of zirconia after high‐speed sintering

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There were significant differences between substances for flexural strength, translucency parameter, and grain size (P < .001). Grains became considerably larger and pores were present when among those zirconia materials (Prettau Anterior and Zpex Smile) were sintered using a high‐speed sintering program.
To evaluate the strength and translucency of CAD/CAM zirconia blocks, with conventional and high‐speed sintering, to lithium disilicate.

Materials and Methods


Two of those zirconia substances (Prettau Anterior and Zpex Smile) became translucent and less powerful with a high‐speed sintering program, whereas another (Katana STML Block) was untouched.
Three zirconia substances (Katana STML Block, Prettau Anterior, along with Zpex Smile) were analyzed with either traditional (7 hours) or high‐speed (18 or 30 minutes at a SpeedFire furnace) sintering. A lithium disilicate substance (IPS e.max CAD) was analyzed as a reference. Specimens (1 mm thick, n = 10) were quantified in a Color‐i7 spectrophotometer against a black and white background to calculate translucency parameter. Zirconia specimens were etched along with also a grain structure was observed with scanning electron microscopy. Data were analyzed using 1‐way ANOVA and Tukey’s post hoc evaluation (α = 0.05).


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